Interviewed by Adam Smith, the editor-in-chief of, Susumu Tonegawa describes the Picower Institute, the work of the 1965 Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine which first introduced him to molecular biology, his transition as a student from Kyoto to UC San Diego on a Fulbright Fellowship (13:32), his postdoctoral work on transcriptional control with Renato Dulbecco (25:33), and his decision to move to the Immunology Institute in Basel, Switzerland (34:35). He then explains how he began doing the research for which he would later be awarded the Nobel Prize (47:24), what it felt like to discover something counter to his expectations (59:37), what subsequently drove him to enter the field of neuroscience (1:08:39) and the recent discoveries he has made there using molecular genetics (1:19:50). Source: Credits: Ladda Productions AB (camera).